The entrance of the Morning Star Ranch is lined with palm trees, leading you through the persimmon orchard where the cows graze, past the goats and chickens, to our red barn-shaped houses where you will find us busily cleaning, cooking, sewing, teaching our children and watching the little ones, and washing the dishes. The road continues up the steep hill into the avocado grove where you will find the men working together under the trees or in the packing house, sorting fruit for the market. You will find people from many different backgrounds and nationalities here sharing our home, all serving the same God with the same faith, in lasting friendships.

Who We Are

Our Community

The Morning Star Ranch is just one community in an international network of communities known as the Twelve Tribes.

We are a spiritual nation made up of families and single people who have come together from all walks of life. Our common vision is a simple life of devotion to our Creator, based on a true faith that is expressed as a genuine love for our friends, husband, wife, children, and anyone else we come across. All we want to do is love, and slowly, but surely, we are ing the depth of what that actually means.
We are far from "having it all together", but are realizing that together, we have it all.
We are coming to be a sustainable agricultural people. We see that caring for the earth, along with one another, is an essential part of being human. You are invited to come visit any time. We only ask that if possible you let us know ahead of time so that we can be ready for you. Bring yourself, bring a friend, or bring your family. We look forward to seeing you.

Location: We are located in Southern California, just two hours south of Los Angeles or one hour north of San Diego.

We Live Together

The Twelve Tribes is a spiritual nation consisting of many communities and farms in several countries throughout the world. On our farms and in our communities we live together like an extended family, sharing all things in common, just as the disciples of Yahshua* did in the first century. It is an amazing life and you can come and see it for yourself. More...

We welcome visitors and those who would like to stay with us and learn about farming and the life we share.

A New Social Order

Living in Households

In each of our communities, there are one or more houses in a cluster, some in cities and some on farms. Several families and single people live together in each house, according to the size of the house. We like large houses because we like to live together. Married couples have their own rooms, plus as many adjacent rooms as needed for their children. The single men share one or more rooms, as do the single women. We all share a common kitchen and dining room, where we take our meals together. Those who visit are welcomed into the center of our life together.

We actually live together like an extended family, sharing all things in common, just as the first disciples did in the first century.
The Bible plainly says regarding the first church,

"All who believed were together and shared all things in common" (Acts 2:44).
It goes on to describe how they were:
...of one heart and soul, and that there was not a needy person among them, for they gave up all their possessions to meet the needs of their spiritual brothers and sisters (Acts 4:32-35).
Some may say this was only possible for back then, but we've been living this way for over 40 years. You can come and see for yourself.

Gathering Daily

We gather in our houses every morning and evening to praise and worship our Creator in song and dance. We are all free to speak from our hearts the things we are learning, as our Creator teaches us through one another, according to the gifting and grace given to each person.

Working Together

After our morning gathering we have breakfast together and then go to work in our various places, doing the deeds prepared for each one of us. We work together in our own cafés, farms, cottage industries, and trades, not as independent contractors or employees of outside companies. All income from our various endeavors goes into a common purse from which all of our needs are met equitably. We don't have our own independent income or debts to carry by ourselves, except for the debt of love we owe to our Savior, which we repay by loving and caring for one another.
At the end of the day we stop and gather again to thank our God for the day.


For the most part our farms are small-scale operations, places where we can work together. We mainly grow food for ourselves and sometimes sell our produce at our own farm-stands or farm stores, as well as local farmer's markets. We also make "value-added" products in our "cottage industries." Our farms are sanctuaries... a safe haven... a peaceful refuge... an anchor for the soul in the midst of a society drifting dangerously off course.

Raising Our Children

Our farms are a wonderful environment for us to raise our children. Here, they are able to to grow up and witness the wonders of Creation, as well as being a part of it: participating in caring for plants and animals, as well as experiencing first hand many of the age-old truths which are being lost in our current society, such as "You reap what you sow," or "Diligence is a man's precious possession." In this way the training of our children goes far beyond the classroom, as they are fully integrated into every aspect of our socially and spiritually rich tribal life. They learn to cook and sew, build and farm, sing and dance, play musical instruments, and most importantly, extend hospitality to the constant flow of guests who are drawn to the light of our life of love.

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If you would like yo visit us please call us or e-mail us ahead of time.

Tel: (760) 742-8953
Email: info@msrfarm.com


The Morning Star Ranch
Valley Center, CA.

  1. From I-15, Take the Gopher Canyon Road Exit (7 Miles North of Escondido/I-78)
  2. Go east on Gopher Canyon Road, (which ends 1 block east of I-15).
  3. Turn RIGHT onto CHAMPAGNE BLVD (You'll turn off Champagne Blvd within a small block).
  4. Take your FIRST LEFT on OLD CASTLE RD.
  5. Stay on Old Castle for 5 ½ miles then look for LILAC ROAD on the left.
  6. Turn LEFT onto LILAC ROAD.
  7. Stay on Lilac for 3 Miles. Look for our Yellow Deli on your right-hand side.
  8. Immediately after will be a dirt road with signs for "KEYS CREEK" and "OLD LILAC ROAD" then take a right there.
  9. Immediately bear right to stay on KEYS CREEK ROAD. Keep bearing right to stay on Keys Creek Rd for 1 ½ miles until you see our sign on the left.
  10. Enter through the Morning Star Ranch entrance.

12458 Keys Creek Road Valley Center, CA 92082

Tel: (760) 742-8953
Email: info@msrfarm.com
The gates of The Morning Star Ranch are always open.

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Tel: (760) 742-8953

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Morning Star Ranch Products

Here you can learn about our organic products and related goods.

Organic Energizing GREEN DRINK

We make our very own Green Drink in three different varieties - Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon Ginger. All three have the same highly nutritious greens of Kale, Collards, and Chard, along with Apples, Flax and Yerba Mate.

  • Grapefruit - Organic Blue Agave Nectar.
  • Orange - Organic Stevia.
  • Lemon & Lemon_Ginger - Honey.

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Energizing Green Bars

Packed with nutrients and very delicious, our Green Bar will give you the sustenance you need to keep you going.
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Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Throughout the year, our gardens produce a variety of vegetables such as Lettuce, Kale, Collards, Chard, Spring Mix, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Onions, Celery and much more. Our fruit orchards produce Avocados, Grapefruits, Oranges, Lemons, Persimmons and Pomegranates.

We currently attend several Farmer's Markets in San Diego and Orange County. Feel free to email or call us to find out the locations and times of those markets. You can also come visit our Farmstand located at The Yellow Deli in Valley Center (www.yellowdeli.com) located at 32011 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA 92082.

Please call us or e-mail us

If you have any questions, feel free to email us as office@msrfarm.com or call us at 760-742-2370. Your Friends at The Morning Star Ranch

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